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The pirate of diving

The pirate and his siren

The project


"In the abysses of the island" is a book of denunciation created to make up for the need of the impossibility to report and denounce facts that really happened against nature, the inhabitants of the sea and the history of underwater archeology. The work takes place in a long history dedicated to those who cannot speak, to protect the laws of nature and the great sea. The literary hook is the narration of the adventurous and fascinating life of Dep Bonnet, the diving pirate, the one who protects, denounces and protects Nature, the history of archeology and the inhabitants of the sea against all the abuses committed by the worst of the " humanity ”possible and by the hand of the institutions. Four books have been created for this purpose: In the depths of the island, Underwater archeology study (technical chapter of study extracted from the history of the first book), The complaint, The pirate of diving. Anyway, the story continues...

Dep Bonnet is as Ulysses of modern times, ordinary and at the same time extraordinary. A man, a destiny, an option, a great dream, a fantastic contemporary reality ... and two cylinders with a regulator as a sword.

Registered Trademarks

registered trademarks

Negli abissi dell'isola Logo
adesivo chiaro
adesivo fume

The logo of the project "In the depths of the island" built through the meeting of two evocative images: the face of Jolly Roger, a symbol of the so-called good pirates, placed against the background of the underwater signaling flag, red with white stripe. A Jolly Roger because it happens that sometimes the institutions themselves do not protect and enhance and Dep to give them a voice does not stop at anything, but acts in respect of the sea, nature and its inhabitants. Institutions, pollution, poaching and many inhuman behaviors often destroy our environment and our history without meaning. This symbolic design becomes a metaphor for the profound morality that follows every stretch of this long history. The Jolly Roger de "In the depths of the island" takes the name of Dep Bonnet, the main character of the entire literary saga.

Dep Bonnet is an expert diver who dedicates his entire existence to the defense of the laws of nature and the sea, protecting everything that cannot speak and denouncing any abuse caused by humanity and institutions against the inhabitants of the sea and underwater archaeological history. The semantic history of the logo tells of Dep Bonnet as the good diving pirate, a protector and executioner chosen by legend to protect our most hidden and submerged treasures.

This logo is present on all images of the books and therefore identifies their belonging. The writing in the depths of the island on the oval mark underlines and confirms the immense project of giving voice to the sea.


The wrinkled shell operculum, commonly called Santa Lucia Little Eye, according to legend is a famous and powerful lucky charm. This symbol marks the story of "In the abysses of the island" starting from its origins up to and beyond its apparent end which will only be the beginning of a continuation. An ancient story tells that wrinkled shells lived on the seabed together with amphorae and shards scattered in the depths of an island following stormy and violent shipwrecks. Next to these arcane truths, there is the world of the so-called fantasy, the one for which the Sirens are said to be accompanied in the seas by their faithful little dogs, the octopuses. They are particularly attracted to the white light and everything that reflects light. This attraction leads them to keep in their homes, often adapted inside ancient amphorae, just numerous opercula of wrinkled shells, which, moreover, considered as exchange coins within the magic of the so-called world of mermaids. Like any good puppy, the octopus protects and retains the most precious treasures of its owners. This symbol, therefore, represents for Dep Bonnet, an incredible metaphor for luck as well as the signal of the presence of ancient finds near agglomerations of scattered opercula, perhaps spilled from the houses of an octopus. By rubbing the operculum dreams come true and this for Dep also represents a call for the sirens in real danger.


It is a red flag with a white stripe running from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. Often it hoisted on a boat or on a diving buoy. It is used as a distinctive symbol of the first novel "In the depths of the island" without any overlapping image as it represents the first part of the life story of Dep Bonnet who, since he was a boy, has dedicated himself to the practice of freediving and then deepening of diving techniques. Therefore, it is the background will mark the entire saga and every distinctive feature of this very long history contaminated by the study of diving at 360 °.

logo studio di archeologia subacquea

The image maintains the background of the underwater signal flag on which a study and knowledge symbol is imprinted. We are in front of the emblem of a technical study of underwater archeology in which Dep Bonnet dives and then studies with us and for us the history of the sea, underwater archeology and navigation ... and we have to study the details of his subjects throughout this history in order fully understand it.

logo la denuncia

The emblem of the book "The compliant" built keeping the background of the underwater signal flag with the image of a balance engraved on it, a symbol of "Justice", of alternation between good and evil and of the idea of equal rights that should be sentenced within the so-called "courts". Therefore, we faced with this allegory. Everything that should protect, explore and enhance the good and beauty of the seas (civil justice, criminal justice, diving centers, museums, institutions, etc.) is questioned and unmasked by the will and from the choices of Dep Bonnet. He understands the existence of evil, associates it with the shady affairs of the institutions and then recognizes the insanity of these authoritative hands while acting cowardly in the waters of the most beautiful and deepest sea of the context with which it feeds.

logo amore subacqueo

The underwater love logo has as its background the underwater signaling flag with one of the most passionate and intense positions of love that can be associated with the concept of pleasure and complicity as a couple. This image shows the connection between two human skeletons as human too human is the love that binds the pages of books marked with this symbol. This is the physical and spiritual union between man and woman, in our case Dep Bonnet and his beloved Nina, which produces vigor and gives meaning to the material and metaphorical inheritance of what will be the strength of the continuation of this long life story and denunciation. Together they love each other, together they fight, together they dive, together they suffer, together they write, together they denounce.

logo pirata delle immersioni

The logo of "The Pirate of the Dives" has as its background the flag of underwater signal with the face of our Jolly Roger imprinted in the figure of Dep Bonnet, the good pirate of the dives. This is the revolutionary rib of the life of each of us, goes against the hand of the institutions that abuse history and nature. Dep defends, preserves, protects and protects the voice of all the truths that it discovers and finds in the underwater world, truth to which it gives voice during its dives: the life of the inhabitants of the sea, the underwater archaeological history, the words of the ancestors and all that most beautiful nature and humanity has produced and created.


On each page of the novels "In the abysses of the island”, the symbol of the specific book logo has been inserted accompanied by the title of the book itself as a sign of semantic identification of the story that comes there in those narrated pages. This symbol represents a real travel legend that makes readers always aware of the narrative moment they are experiencing.

The pirate of diving

the pirate of diving

Adesivo Il pirata delle immersioni
Bandiera pirata delle immersioni

the jolly roger


dep bonnet

Il pirata delle immersioni
Il pirata delle immersioni

"In the abysses of the island" the pirate of diving, a complex and evolved logo.

A simple rod, like that used by anglers, which supports a signal flag for the presence of people in the water, is born from the base, from a b c of safety. Above a crossbow and a diving knife crossed as "apnea symbols" and the superimposition of the main figure, a "pirate" Jolly Roger who modifies it.

This new character is the pirate of diving with a regulator marked "In the depths of the island" in his mouth, a mask on his face and instead of a wetsuit a simple red and white bandana or blue camuflage "like that by Dep Bonnet". He breathes, bringing to light the truths hidden like bubbles that rise from the abysses; and right there, dying, it becomes only bones and transforms itself into a different being as it always wanted. In this new guise, she protects the souls who belong to the sea and grants them voice and hope. A flag flying in the open that stands out even from a distance even to simple observers.


A logo dedicated to those who love the sea deeply, a symbol that wants to unite anglers, swimmers, free divers, divers and equally those distant observers.


The pirate and his siren

The pirate of diving Dep Bonnet is dived with his siren. A logo that derives from an evolutionary variant of the Jolly Roger symbol of the pirate Dep Bonnet. As usually, the construction of the image starts from the base, from a b c of safety and protection, then from the underwater signal flag. In the center is the figure of the Jolly Roger of the good diving pirate, Dep Bonnet. Then, prevailing, here is the figure of the siren. In fact, nature and its wonderful creatures become the only possible protective divinity within a world made of storms that needs to be rebuked, addressed and protected. Transversely, on the white diagonal of the signaling flag, we find a trident, symbol of Neptune, God of the sea and of the hand of a benign nature that has the power to reveal new worlds and perhaps to appease the waters, fading any agitation. In this case, it is the only weapon available to Dep Bonnet and his siren, granted to them precisely by the Neptune God. Inside the handle, on the opposite side of the stick that supports the trident, they found a pen. Two different worlds, in the underwater world the power of the trident, on the contrary a pen, the only possible weapon to be used on the terrestrial world, the most effective, the knowledge. We could define this logo as the symbol of the entire saga "In the abysses of the island", as it is described in the title itself, "dived in archeology with the siren, choose your story". Two different worlds, two different weapons ... only through knowledge can you have a better world.

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