The collaboration with Acquasub, National Corderia and Subassai introduces "In the abysses of the island" in Bologna in the occasion of the 28th edition of the Eudi Show by February 2020. This moment represents only the first step of a common path, as well as the first stage of the literary project. "In the abysses of the island" was born with the intention of giving voice to nature, the sea and its inhabitants. The technical underwater archeology study book is just the first of numerous publications that will follow from the following months of 2020 with the disclosure of the first novel of the tale.

This page is dedicated to honor the meaning of this collaboration born from a fortuitous and not accidental union of human, social and planning values.



Acquasub, Corderia Nazionale and Subassai



Some months before that May 15, 1992 there was no mention of anything but the "Colombiadi", a gigantic fair that would invade the Porto Antico, the beating heart of our Genoa.

One day in July we walked around hot, completely unprepared for the crazy surprise that the exhibition was about to give us. In a completely random way, we never expected such a thing! Our eye fell on a document, which attested to the collaboration between the port of Genoa and the National Corderia.

Although several years have passed, we still feel the chills when we think that our history, the history of our dedication to the sea, was born even before 1492.


The evolution

In 1991 the historical turning point. Sailing on the sea gives incredible emotions, being able to observe the wonders submerged in its depths even more.

We therefore decide to immerse ourselves completely in the world of diving.

We love our history, but we believe that tradition cannot exist without evolution, and our orientation towards the future is the driving force behind the opening, already in 2009, of our diving e-commerce, Acquasub.


Pirates and Acquasub

We received a lot of collaboration proposal daily and we must say we are overly selective, sometimes perhaps excessively.

So, why did we join with all our soul to the project "In the abysses of the island"?

The reason is a total twinning of values, an absolute affinity with Annarita, Diego and our hero Dep Bonnet.

Libertarianism, love for the sea, for uncontaminated nature and total aversion to those human beings, as long as we can speak of human beings, who destroy our oceans and the future of collectives for personal interest.

Enjoy the reading!

Enjoy the reading to all the pirates who daily struggle for a better world, for a bluer sea!

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